Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ruby on Rails - ActiveScaffold

It's good to generate repeatedly used codes.

But ActiveScaffold is using configuration to set particular parameters or conditions. That reminded me of Java + XML, where XML configures the auto generated Java code. It seems to be "configuration over convention" instead of "convention over configuration". Going back to the bad approach. Only the good thing about ActiveScaffold's way is that it's done in Ruby language itself not external stuff like XML.

Isn't there a way to generate codes for controller and views in "Convention over Configuration"? I wonder.


I have wanted to mention this. So decided to add now.
ActiveScaffold is tying View and Controller together by generating them dynamically. Then, what's the point of Model-View-Controller separating View and Controller? The purpose of Model-View-Controller separating View from Controller is that View can be created/changed independently from Controller.

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