Sunday, October 21, 2007

OOPSLA 2007 remaining Podcasts

I have finished listening to the remaining OOPSLA 2007 Podcasts.

Unexpectedly, the Podcasts I wasn't expecting to learn from much for my purpose were very educational for me. "FindBugs" was interesting and I agree that it should be a part of continuous checking in - whenever a developer checks the code into the source control system, he/she runs FindBugs.

There seem to be lots to learn from ooPSLA this year.

I hope that it would be like what Linda Rising said in her Podcast about MiniPLoP - Don't criticize the author of the pattern by using the words such as "Your work is bad," instead, suggest what can be improved.
And I certainly don't expect a person in an important position to make a claim that some attendee is an idiot without even knowing the person or even talking to him/her even once. The comment should be scientific - based on the fact and evidence, not on personal emotion or cultural bias.
ooPSLA is a conference that we can demand such an integrity as a common sense.

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