Saturday, October 27, 2007

OOPSLA 2007 - Thursday

The keynote speech was very good.

In the speech, there was a comment by John Vlissides saying that Patterns were used unexpected way. At that moment, I thought that maybe the reason why he had said to me at one OOPSLA that learning Refactoring to Patterns was better than learning Patterns straight.

One attendee said that "A developer" wanted to work with "A developer" or even a better developer so that he/she could learn from him/her. But "B developer" wanted to hire "C developer" because he/she wanted to work with a developer who was worse than him/her. A, B, C, and D means that A is the best and D is the worst. I agree with him.
And I want to work with a developer better than me and I love to develop a quality software, which means I have to improve my skills even more so that I can have a chance to work with "A developer".

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