Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ubuntu 6.10 as a development platform

Ubuntu is very nice. Especially as a desktop.

But I was trying to use Ruby on Rails on it. And many necessary libraries were missing, such as gcc, etc.
So I had to do, "apt-get install build-essential", etc.
I don't mind doing it.
But it was just time-consuming to find the information.
I wish at least the minimum ones are already installed by default.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Agile Vancouver 2006 - Speed Geek - Tools Demos, etc.

I liked the Speed Geek session after hours and fish bowl was especially good.

In the Tools Demos, one guy showed Google Stacks. One of them was Google Docs.
When I was going to write my blog, I found a new feature to import from Google Docs.
So I'm trying it out now.
I'm writing this in Google Docs and I'm gonna export it to the Blogspot (Google Blog).

Agile Vancouver 2006 - Speed Geek - fish bowl: Tools support for interative usage

There was half an hour fish bowl session.
The topic was "Does Agile development need a tool?"

At one time, I walked to and sat on one of the chairs in the middle and talked about my opition about tools in Agile development.

The point I made was that it is important for any tools we use should have bare minimum simplest features needed at any given point of the time in the project and as a need arises, we can plugin a necessary minimum feature or unplug an unused feature.
In other words, they should have plugin capabilities to allow iterative usage.

Analogy I used was Eclipse. When you download Eclipse, it has only bare minimum features and depending on your needs, you download the necessary Plugins.

I was glad that I got positive responses to what I said. I guess I made a good point.
Now I like the term I came up, "Iterative Usage."

OOPSLA 2006 - fifth day

To be added.