Monday, September 24, 2007

Buy a Laptop for a Child, Get Another Laptop Free

Through ACM TechNews, I found this article. The full story is here.
And the name of the project is "One Laptop Per Child".

I wonder if Millennium Village project the non profit project I was contributing to is for will be utilizing this. If not, they may be able to get one to access the web site.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Language-oriented programming

Interesting article.

Walk the walk - it's different

Deborah Hartmann is using Ron Jeffries' quote at the foot of her e-mail.

"My advice is to do it by the book,
get good at the practices,
then do as you will.
Many people want to skip to step three.
How do they know? " -- Ron Jeffries

I like it.
I don't like people who make a judgment of something they never practiced only by reading about it or even just by hearing about it. For example, I don't like people who criticize Agile software development practices simply because those practices sound unfamiliar to them.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Back from South America

I've just posted a new blog.
It's good to have Internet access at hand with wide-range wifi, etc. That's a good thing about being back in North America.

South America was good.
I may write a summary of what was good there later on.
But I just write a few of them.

People in South America were very nice while some of the English speaking people from other parts of the world are just so full of themselves.

I found that people in Brazil, especially around Sao Paulo, were more open to different kind of people. - Before the trip, I thought that North America was the most diversified place in the world (in fact, that's why I decided to live in Canada). But it was not true. It was good to know that. Especially, religious people in English speaking countries are very closed minded to different kind of people.

Homer's Odyssey as an Agile Consultant

I've just watched the video of Jean Tabaka's presentation at Agile 2006 ("Homer's Odyssey or My Life as an Agile Consultant").

In one of the companies I worked for, I encountered many of the monsters she described. For example, Laestrygonian (Technical Lead Saboteur), The Siren (person who tells what Agile is and teaches wrong practices), and the control guy who says that it's not Agile unless everybody follows what he says.

My emotional feeling was that I felt relieved that somebody identified those problems. What this presentation means to me in practice is that I learned what to watch out and how to deal with them.