Monday, September 17, 2007

Back from South America

I've just posted a new blog.
It's good to have Internet access at hand with wide-range wifi, etc. That's a good thing about being back in North America.

South America was good.
I may write a summary of what was good there later on.
But I just write a few of them.

People in South America were very nice while some of the English speaking people from other parts of the world are just so full of themselves.

I found that people in Brazil, especially around Sao Paulo, were more open to different kind of people. - Before the trip, I thought that North America was the most diversified place in the world (in fact, that's why I decided to live in Canada). But it was not true. It was good to know that. Especially, religious people in English speaking countries are very closed minded to different kind of people.

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