Thursday, November 16, 2006

Agile Vancouver 2006 - Speed Geek - fish bowl: Tools support for interative usage

There was half an hour fish bowl session.
The topic was "Does Agile development need a tool?"

At one time, I walked to and sat on one of the chairs in the middle and talked about my opition about tools in Agile development.

The point I made was that it is important for any tools we use should have bare minimum simplest features needed at any given point of the time in the project and as a need arises, we can plugin a necessary minimum feature or unplug an unused feature.
In other words, they should have plugin capabilities to allow iterative usage.

Analogy I used was Eclipse. When you download Eclipse, it has only bare minimum features and depending on your needs, you download the necessary Plugins.

I was glad that I got positive responses to what I said. I guess I made a good point.
Now I like the term I came up, "Iterative Usage."

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