Friday, December 18, 2009

United States' attitude in Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Since the beginning of the Conference, there have been many informal consultations involving only a small number of countries despite the fact that the delegates from many countries were there to work in the plenaries. And many countries expressed their concern about "transparency".

Now the United States is using the same word, "transparency", for a different context.

First of all, if "transparency" is important, they should ratify the Kyoto Protocol, instead of just announcing what they do about clean energy technology in their country.

Second, while they used the word, "transparency", they formed a closed door meeting with only handful of countries, despite the fact that great majority of the head of states and the leaders are there in the Conference. What they are doing doesn't have any "transparency".

It almost sounds like to me that they took advantage of the situation where many countries are upset about "transparency" in the Conference and used the same word in a different context to diffuse people's attention away from their own responsibilities. In other words, the perception of the majority of parties have been that the United States and China are the blocker of the deal and the United States manipulated to make it look as if China is the only problem.

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