Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

First of all, I have a great respect to all the people, delegates and leaders of the countries, who worked so hard for long hours day and night, staying overnight into late in the morning. Many of them haven't slept for 48 hours.

I have been following it watching the webcast.

At around 3am in the local time, the draft of what is called Copenhagen Accord was presented in front of the Plenary, asking the parties to consider in one hour, after only small number of countries in the closed door spent many hours to draft it, leaving majority of delegates waiting. It was good that the one hour timeline approach was soon dropped.

Basically majority of the parties were forced to swallow what was created by small number of countries (it seems to me, possibly even before the beginning of the conference). The draft should have been created in the Plenary involving all the parties. All the parties were working hard and willing to do whatever takes to solve this difficult problem of climate change all two weeks.

I have been following the last Plenary overnight taking a break here and there and after almost 12 hours later, I couldn't continue any more unfortunately, so I could not see how it was ended. But the those hours saw the involvement of all the parties and that should have been the way all throughout the two weeks. I think that may have brought a better result.

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