Thursday, March 08, 2007

Positive encounters

Being negative and critical is easy. When I read books/articles with the level equivalent to that of academic books, or when I do intense logical reasoning, I tend to be critical to what others do or how society is functioning, probably because my brain is required to distinguish various details.

At the same time, reading reading about biology, genetics, evolution, physics, psychology, etc. makes me realize how amazing it is that our body is even functioning cohesively which is based on the series of constant reactions (to change/environment) and their results. I cannot help thinking how precious each individual or each individual creature is. I want to be positive to everybody so that he/she can make the most out of what he/she has.

So I thought I start writing any small positive encounter in my blog as much as I can. By writing and making it public, I can have more balance in my view, especially when I'm doing critical thinkings most of the time, writing programs or learning new technologies, etc.

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