Monday, March 26, 2007

Easy On, Easy Off - it's true

"Getting Real" says "Make signup and cancellation a painless process".
And I think that making cancellation a painless process is crucial.
It is important for your business.

I have recently encountered the situation that cancellation was painful by being refused to be given the necessary information.
All I wanted to do was to put my auto insurance on hold while I'm not driving my car for a few months. I never expected that the auto insurance agent would give me a hard time. He even diffused my question - do I have to visit the office to sign a document? He talked about different things and never answered my question. He never gave a clear answer about what happens to the money I already paid.

Then I was reminded of what "Getting Real" said. Making customer's life difficult is not a good business practice. I expect a painless cancellation process will become prevalent in the business in the coming future.

As I wrote this blog, I was reminded of my visit to Arusha in Tanzania about 10 years ago. It was the base for Safari trip to Serengeti National Park. The moment I got off the bus, people crowded around me and all shouted at me insisting to join their Safari package. Because all were talking to me at the same time and didn't give me any time to even respond, all I did was to walk away into an accommodation. They might be desperate and were obviously new to capitalism. And I'm not judging their culture or anything. But it was pathetic.

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