Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Disappointment in the current project

I joined a consulting company that is famous for Agile Methodology and software testing last week.
Immediately I started working for one of their clients.
The first two hours already told me that it was not good environment. Their technology is terribly old. They are not following Agile practices. IBM is making the systems unnecessarily complicated.

This evening, at the local Agile users group, I had a chance to consult with the main person in the consulting company. I understand that Agile is not about following predefined practices and that it is about human interaction. I agree with it. At the same time, they can't just go without making software development work and they can't just ignore the reality of software development. Those practices are based on the reality of software development. For example, unit testing - it has been important even before Agile Methodology gained popularity.

The majority of the current project doesn't have any unit test. Even though Agile is about adjusting to each unique environment and business and delivering value to the customer, I don't agree not to follow the practice of writing unit tests.

Personally, I moved to this city I currently live just to get fully involved in Agile Software Development. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating that the current project doesn't even follow the practices that many companies in the previous city that don't even care about Agile Methodology follow. The companies that don't even know the term Agile are following more Agile practices than the current client. Then what's the reason why I'm working there?

Martin Fowler said in this blog about Rake, it's a good thing to try a technology to the limit so that you know its limit. Right now I want to try all the Agile practices to the limit instead of making mediocre compromise. While I value what the main person of the consulting company said, I know that there are more Agile experts that have said that compromise is not a good thing because it leads to bad results. That's why I moved here. How ironical it is...

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