Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Travelling and programming

I'm in a National Park.
I am reminded how productive I become when I'm travelling, especially in scenic place (I mean I'm not including business travel. Business travel is still same as going to the office.).

Before I started this my Blog site in July, 2006, I travelled in the mountain areas and experimented how it is to work on software development while travelling. Because whenever I'm on road, I tend to focus more on programming work, become more productive and become more innovative and creative. I have been using EV-DO with Blackberry and even when there is no EV-DO signal in the area, I could access Internet through 1X connection. So basically I could access Internet anywhere.

I was definately more productive and achieved a lot.

In fact, I came up with the idea and worked on the jMock's support for JUnit 4, outside a mountain cottage looking at high Rocky mountains across the valley.

Now I live in an urban area and I have recently lost the sense I had when travelling. Then I came to this National Park and the sense and the feeling have come back.

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