Sunday, September 24, 2006

No Fluff Just Stuff Conference - session about Java Annotation

Several months ago, the speaker at the local Java Users Group criticized Java Annotation severely. And he said that for language design, it was better to have one person making the decision.

Today, one of the member JSR 175 committee did a presentation about Java Annotation. He explained the reason why certain syntax has its syntax. Some of them are because of the committee lead's decision not to introduce new keyword, some of them are because of implementation. For some decisions, the lead just said no.
So for me, the problem was more toward that one person making the decision.

The speaker at Java Users Group I mentioned at the first paragraph above was there and asked why not @annotation instead of @interface. The presentator agreed and by the time he came up with it, the specification was already published and it was too late. I thought that if they had made the greater community to vote on the naming, the community must have picked up that naming.

I am not an expert of language design. But I thought that it seemed to be better not to make one person make the decision.

That speaker I mentioned at the first paragraph above said in his talk at the Java Users Group, it's better to open source Java. Maybe he was in the same page with me in a sense to utilize the wisdom of crowd.

Anyway, it was interesting to see that his view toward Java Annotation seemed to have changed gradually by listening to the reasons of each decisions.

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