Saturday, November 21, 2009

20th Anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall

I wanted to write what I felt at that time but have been busy.

November 9, 2009 was the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall.

20 years ago, I was thinking of visiting East Europe to be in the middle of the change. But I didn't because the only experience of traveling abroad that far was China and I wasn't sure if I could go around. Instead, I traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.
That itself was a good experience. But I regret that I didn't go to East Europe at that time.

Looking back, after gaining lots of experience traveling abroad, I think I was able to go around there without a problem, finding a hotel, etc.

During these 20 years, what have I done?
Surely, my intention in my mind has been always doing something good, contributing to protect human rights and democracy, etc. But in reality, I haven't achieved anything in those long 20 years, caught up with unimportant things.

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