Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just write this quickly.

I have always been a supporter of proportional representation (I think that's what's called in English. I'm writing this quickly so I'm not verifying it because I'm extremely busy these days.).

By that way, the seats for the legislative (such as parliament) are allocated based on the percentage of the votes each party gets.

First of all, every vote counts.

Second, these days in much modern society, geographic location doesn't say much. People living in geographically distant places share the same opinion and concerns. People living in the same location don't share anything in common. That's common. Majority of the people live where they live because they found an apartment or a house there. Could have been just any other place. In a few kilometers apart, in one electoral district, the party you voted for wins and in another district, another party wins. Is there anything different between two districts? Not really.

If keeping representative from each district is important, at least have two houses in the parliament. One consists of the members of parliament elected from electoral districts and the other consists of the members of parliament elected by proportional representation.

I know many countries have been using proportional representation for a long time. So writing this blog entry doesn't mean to criticize anything anywhere. I'm just writing this to say that I'm supporting proportional representation. Also specifying any country doesn't go well with my blog's underlying philosophy of keeping it geographically neutral. (My blog is only for expressing my opinions or informing what I found.)

I will try to find a time in the future to elaborate this more, using more correct words. But I think the readers can get an idea by replacing words appropriately such as "member of parliament" to "senator", etc. Right now, I just wrote it very quickly because I don't have a time.

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