Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Healthy snowboarding brand

After an "Event to build entrepreneurial software in 48 hours over a weekend", I got into a mindset to come up with a new brand a little bit.

That led me to come up with a way of snowboarding in a healthy athletic way.

Often times, many snowboarders are rude and aggressive and do stuff like smoking and drinking excessively.

But if you take snowboarding itself, it's a good sport requires whole body muscles. It has variety of movements - free riding, free styling in snow park, etc. It's challenging, which gives you positive attitude overcoming fear. It's outdoor, often breathing fresh air in the mountains. And on the top of the ski hills, you can see magnificent views, which refreshes your mind.

So I would package all these good features together and brand it as a healthy snowboarding. The image of that brand is like working out in the gym. You eat well with nutritious food and in the daily life, work out and tone up the muscles, in order to give you the best snowboarding performance. A friendly attitude toward other people has the high value. And you progressively improve various snowboarding skills, including free style moves.

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