Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Philanthropist - Social enterpreneur

I happened to read an article in Reader's Digest Canada, September issue. It's about philanthropists and social enterpreneurship that is gaining popularity. It is very encouraging to me. This is the kind of work I would like to get involved. I want to work for good. For example, I want my work to contribute to protecting environment. Working just for money at money making business doesn't motivate me at all.

The article covers the stories of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Calgary Chapter and Brad Zumwalt, Social Capital Partners and Bill Young in Toronto, Inner City Renovations in Winnipeg, Community Foundation of Ottawa and its Engage! program by Coralie Lalonde (also Volunteer Ottawa), and The Maytree Foundation and Alan Broadbent, especially its The Mentoring Partnership program.

There is a course about Social Enterpreneurship at University of Alberta, Duke, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and IESE Business School, the article says. University of Toronto is also starting a new course this fall.

Also the article mentions the comments by Gary McPherson, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Social Enterpreneurship at University of Alberta.

Maybe acquiring business skills in this area is a good idea. I have always thought of acquiring business skills and learning how private sector business operates, just to understand how things are going. But I didn't have enough motivation to cut my time to work on computers in order to take courses about them.

I feel very good that there are people who have same mindset as I do who want to work for good cause.

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